Alan Driver

Alan Driver has over 20 years unrivalled travel experience with Hampstead Travel Agency and managing Mansion House/Worldchoice Travel.

His Independent Travel Consultancy is now established within the luxury offices of 2001 Travel in Mill Hill, North London, to provide the most client-focused environment. Many high profile and loyal clients return frequently for his specialist care for their travel arrangements.

Dorothy Dorothy originated the company in 1986 on Heath Street in Hampstead. She now operates 2001 Travel as well as her own cultural singles tour group - www.kindredspiritstravel.com. With her magnetic personality and skills, she has raised the company to the highest level. Andry
Andry joined her sister Dorothy to create an unbeatable and highly successful travel partnership in Hampstead. Andry's determination and drive to help her clients is an inspiration to the team.
Doug was the manager of a competitive agency on Heath Street and could not resist joining such a successful company. Doug's commitment and attention to detail makes 2001 Travel a formidable force in the business.
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